Thursday, October 13, 2011


I wrote a blog post yesterday and it was deleted by blogger.  I didn't have the heart to write another one.  Today, I was halfway through this one and internet explorer had to shut down and I lost the post.  Meanwhile, I'm trying to print out something on coniferous forests for the kids to do notebooking with and the printer won't work.  That means that Mr. Reluctant Writer will have to write on his notebook page (the HORROR!).  I can't figure out what to do.  I've rebooted everything.  I've tried multiple things and it just will not print.  I really need it to print today because the time has definitely come to re-do our schedules.  Everyone can tell our current schedule is not working.  The chores are not getting done.  The math is taking up most of the day.  I'm frustrated.  Can you tell?

I spent most of the day cooking today which seems like all I ever get done anymore since my oldest son went gluten free and lactose free.  His usual go-to meal in the past was a turkey sandwich on whole wheat with cheese, but that just does not get it anymore and I can either buy him expensive gluten free convenience foods or cook a lot and so I've been cooking a lot, but I am getting frustrated, especially with all the cleanup that result from all the scratch cooking.  I can't seem to keep up with the dishes.  I think that maybe the boy should do those.  That would help.  

Someone from church gave us 5 pounds of shredded lettuce this week (they own a taco business), so I had to modify my meal plans to make tacos twice!  Five pounds is really a lot of lettuce.  My in-laws gave us a huge bag of apples, so I made apple crisp today too.  More cooking!

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:)De said...

When we get huge amounts of items, my kids get really excited until the third day of eating the same item. LOL!


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