Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Burn Out.

I was talking to another homeschooling mom about burnout after 4H today.  She said that she's just feeling blah with homeschooling and doesn't want to do anything.  Boy have I been there.  This one of the reasons, I think, that  I change our schedule frequently.  It helps keep it interesting.  Another thing I like to do is occasionally do something different, a field trip or a unit study, even if its only one day long and when we have to start back to school in January, I like to buy something new like a science kit or something, just to help with the transition back after the holiday break.  It's hard to come back down to real life after the holidays.

Pictured above is the craft we did for 4H today.  Another mom had planned to bake cookies, I knew it wasn't going to take an hour and a half so I visited this blog.  We've used several of her projects at 4H and they always go over well.   This one pictured is hers.  I didn't have the bright colored paint, just water color, marker and crayons, so our colors are more subdued, still cute though.  Most of the kids seemed to enjoy it.

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Amy said...

I love the little inchie project...it's SO cute! I'm one of those that is just feeling totally BLAH about school these days. I don't know if I'd exactly call it burn-out....maybe so, though. But I just have no interest, zip, nadda in doing 'school' these days. I'm trying to plug along with the bare essentials. :-P


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