Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Okay today.

Today's going okay so far. My Dad is taking a while to get settled in at home with all his different medications, but hopefully, he may have it now. His medical regimen is very complicated.

We've really been enjoying the library's summer reading week. The first day, the kids did cartooning with a professional cartoonist. The second day, they played improv games and met Woodie the Kentucky Weiner dog (I'm promise, I am not making that up!). Today, they did Stomp type drumming with real drumsticks on overturned trash cans. What could be funner than that? They also got to bring home said real drumsticks. (I don't know how fun they are going to be at home.) Tomorrow, a poetry group is going to be there. I'm not sure how poetry is going to go over with my kids. If they don't want to go, I think I could stand to stay home one day this week. Friday there's a cookout and games.


Mother Mayhem said...

All good. :o)

Amy said...

Sounds like some really cool things going on at your library. I think my kids just might choose to skip poetry day too. ;-)

I know you guys do alot of reading....have you read 'The Shack'? I was on the hold list FOREVER at my library & finally got it Tues. Oh my, is it good!!

Fatcat said...

I may have to check that out!


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