Sunday, June 14, 2009

About our 2 TV channels.

Yes, we only get 2 TV channels now. Only one of them actually has anything really on it and that's only on Saturday. My mom mentioned this at the family gathering and everyone feels sorry for us now. Honestly, I think we're adequately entertained without cable or satellite TV. I admit I would like to have it, to watch HGTV and house flip shows, Discovery channel for Mythbusters and Dirty Jobs, etc. However, we're surviving quite well with some game systems, some computers, Netflix, books, art supplies, board games, toys, the internet and a bunch of other things. This has got to be the most entertained generation in the history of the world. We struggle with keeping it under control as it is. I think we can live without the TV.

1 comment:

Dodie said...

Yes, we are also surviving with Netflix and our stash of tapes and DVDs that we have watched over and over again for years. I guess it can be done...Nice post!


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