Friday, June 05, 2009

Good times.

Okay, I'll warn you I'm being sarcastic here.  Yesterday, I had kind of an annoying day.  It turned out okay, I guess, I mean it's over now ...

It started with waking up to a just plain filthy house.  I started in on cleaning it and took the the garbage, which leaked strawberry juice in my van (our driveway is really too long to carry it).  I was supposed to have a conference call for work but that was rescheduled to today so that gave me the afternoon free.  We needed groceries, so my daughter and I headed out to the next town over to go to Michael's crafts for some shirts for her (T-shirts 2 for $5) and groceries.  My hair was still wet from my shower (it takes forever to dry) so I picked up a hairbrush thinking I'd brush it when I got there.  On the way out to the car, I dropped the hairbrush into a puddle, picked it up, dropped my sunglasses into the puddle along with my cloth grocery bags.  Somehow, in running back in to rinse off the hairbrush and my sunglasses (which I didn't really need), I left the hairbrush in the house.  We started out and made it to Michael's where my daughter didn't like any of the colors of T shirts but one and they didn't have it in her size.  We left there and went to Kroger.  On the way, I noticed that a cup of lemonade that I'd had the day before was in the cup holder and thought I should pour it out, before it spilled.  No sooner had I thought that, than it did spill, all over my driving foot.  So, I got to Kroger with my hair a crazy mess and lemonade all over my pants leg, foot and sandal and ran into a lady I used to work with.

I'm sure I made a great impression. 

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