Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I finally broke down and bought the book "The house that cleans itself" (after checking it out of the library at least twice) and we are going to try and implement as much of it as we can. The thing is with our house that everything doesn't have a place. We have too much stuff for our available places to put stuff. Decluttering works somewhat but we are always aquiring new things, it seems like, even if we don't buy things, people give us things. I'm just as bad as everyone else. I'm trying to balance things out a bit for example, I bought new books at the book swap so I got rid of the books that I tried to sell there and couldn't. I took them to a consignment store and told her if she can't sell them, just donate them. I don't want them coming back here.

Right now I'm on my cleaning break, I'm blogging and reading the third Bartimaeus book while I drink my coffee and the kids are playing Wii. I gave them extra screen time for cleaning. After we get finished cleaning, they can get in the pool and I'll get to work at my job. It doesn't sound fair, does it? Speaking of work, things are going a tiny bit better with the new accounts. They don't seem to have as many English-as-a-second-language doctors dictating there and last night, I was actually typing for people whose last names were "Smith" and "Brown" and "Middleton" instead of "Patel", "Tsai" and "Ikramullah" not that I don't love those other guys from my old account, I'd take them back in an instant, (we'd been together for 8 years!) but I'm adjusting is the point and it's going better than I thought it would. Maybe this pay period, I'll actually make the minimum number of required lines? It might actually happen!

Anyway, back to cleaning, I've only got one more minute of my break left and I've still got to publish. :-)

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