Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Why I am thinking of quitting my job before finding another one.

Here's an hour in my life today.

11:14 Try and download 3 speech recognition editing jobs.

11:16 Get first download failed error message.
          And then second one.
          And then the third one.
          Start all 3 downloads again.

11:18  One job downloaded.
           One has failed to download.
           One is still working.
           I go into the one that downloaded it to edit it.

11:25  I finish editing the first one.  I have earned 90 cents.
           The second one has failed to download at this point so I click on both of them to
            download again.

11:27  Success with one of the downloads.
           I request more work and click download on 2 more jobs hoping they will download while
           I go into the next job to edit it.

11:29  The job I clicked on to edit finally opens so I can start editing it.

11:40  Finish editing current job.
           Return to main page to see that other 2 jobs have failed to download yet again.
           I have now earned a grand total of 2 dollars and 93 cents.
           I try and download those same 2 jobs again.

11:46  One has downloaded.
           The other one has failed, again.
           I go into the 3rd job this hour and edit it, while hoping/praying the other job will
           finally download in the background while I am working on this one.

12:00 Finish the third one and the fourth one has, miracle of miracles, downloaded.

12:10  I finish it and check my grand total for this hour .... are you ready for this, 3 dollars and 87 cents!!!!!

I could be doing some stuff around the house.  There's a lot that needs to be done.



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