Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Really great Monday.

Some of our friends from the homeschool group who this past year moved to Indiana, were able to visit yesterday.  I worked all morning and then we had a prom planning meeting and then we got to spend the rest of the day with our friends.  It was great.  My daughter got to spend the night with them in their hotel, so she had a mini-vacation.  My son and I came home and watched the episodes of Boy Meets World we got from Netflix while I painted art journal backgrounds.  It was fun although I had to do it the same way I've done everything for the last week, with a blood pressure headache.  Apparently my nurse practitioner in the local group practice left the practice and I had called for a refill, they referred me to another doctor who was apparently out of the country and his nurse referred it to another doctor who called it in to the wrong pharmacy.  After multiple trips to the pharmacy and a couple of calls to the medical center, I think maybe I will get the medication this evening.  Then, after a couple of days, maybe my headache will go away.  Oh how I hope so.

This morning when I picked my daughter up, I asked the girls if they had gotten any sleep.  One of them replied "More than we meant to."  I guess they accidentally fell asleep at some point?  LoL.
So with a brief and unexpected hiatus yesterday, we are now back to usual, I guess.  School work and my pitiful, piddling amount of work I get for my job.  One day this week whenever I can work it in and I don't have a headache, I am testing for a different medical transcription job.  Wish me luck.

****Updated to state:  So I went to the correct pharmacy to get the medication yesterday and they are out of it and can't get it until Friday.  The headache continues.

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