Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Busy day.

We have been stuck at home so much this winter, we have just about gone stir crazy.  I have been art journaling up a storm.  The kids have been doing their stuff.  But today, we were so ready to go out.  The 7 or so families that make up our homeschool group were going to meet at Burger King today and hang out and a lot of them couldn't make it, but our family and 2 others trudged through the snow and made time for each other.  It was great.  I miss those people so much when I can't see them.  We figured out that it had been 5 weeks since we had seen them.  Whew.  That's too long.  So we went to hang out for a couple of hours, which was all one of the moms could fit in between homeschool and basketball practice for her son. 

Then we went to the post office to mail a bunch of crocheted hats to my son so he can give them to his friends.  This is something he and his sister cooked up after she made him a hat and all his friends wanted one like it. 

So then we went to the library and picked up a hold and got some reading/listening materials, which help with the staying at home all the time blues.

Then, we went to the grocery and came in under budget, woot, woot.   We had a funny moment in the grocery store, when my son went to get something in another aisle then came up behind me and said "That's one thing about having your custom hair colors, NOBODY else looks like you from the back."  LoL.  Hopefully my hair doesn't look too out there.  I'll have to get 2 mirrors and look at the back.  :-P 

Then we went to see mom.  She seems happy enough, but her memory issues are worse due to the all upheaval that she has been through lately, moving twice since mid November.  I hope that once she settles in where she is that she will be more like herself, but she is happy and that is the main thing.  I took my most recent art journals in to show her and all of the ladies looked at them and said that they were pretty.  One of them who said they were pretty was one I didn't realize could talk.  I've never heard her say anything, but she said my art was pretty so that really made me feel good. 

I had to work before we left and work after we left, but it was worth it.  It was a very productive and satisfying day.

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