Thursday, February 06, 2014

Snow again.

This is the front yard this morning taken from the front porch..  It's snowing again.  I think it is beautiful and I really don't mind snow as long as I can go places whenever I want and we still have electricity.  Long time readers may notice our woodworking project chair on the left and Freckles is the small speck kind of right in the middle.  She's mostly white with dark colored spots, so she blends right into a landscape like this.  So today I'm going to cook and clean and then hopefully go to the hospital to volunteer.  I haven't been able to go for 2 weeks and I am missing the babies.  I applied for several jobs there, but did not get any of them.  I may need to go back to school and get some more training.  It's kind of annoying because I am very, very good at my current job, to have a computer take it over for the most part so that I am now obsolete.  Although, when I started medical transcription many years ago, people warned me that speech recognition was going to take over my job and I was able to get 19 good years out of it before that happened, so I guess I shouldn't complain.  ( I do though).  I should have made a plan for this.  I should already have some other kind of training or plan for what to do next but I don't.  :-(  Plan B?  C?  D? 

On the homeschool front, we are still homeschooling, despite the snow.  We need to keep on oldest son's schedule if we want to take off and  have spring break with him.  We finished reading The Hero's guide to Storming the Castle, which is really cute and we are getting ready to read the next installment in the Artemis Fowl series.  Last night my youngest put a really cool stars/constellations ap on my tablet and we were looking at constellations, so that was education just happening, as it often does around here. 

Also, my daughter finished her writing curriculum book and highly recommends it to everyone.  She really enjoyed it.    Here's a link.

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