Monday, February 10, 2014

Again with the snow.

It snowed again last night.  The county schools in our area are closed again.  We are going to do school today anyway.  I let them have a half of a snow day the first time it snowed, but we've had snow on the ground for so long now, it kind of seems ridiculous.  My son is coming home for spring break next month and bringing a friend from Alabama who has never seen snow and wants to, but it probably will all be gone by then.  I am torn between hoping it snows for my son's friend's sake next month when he comes and being so tired of it myself ... maybe we could save some in the freezer for him?  :-P  

It will be the first time we've ever had an overnight guest for more than one night.  You know I have always been weird about sleep overs probably because I am such a total introvert, but we are trying to practice hospitality and I think it will be nice that my son has someone to ride with.  It's a long trip.   It will also be fun to meet one of my son's school friends.   My daughter says that she is going to laugh at how much cleaning I do that week versus how much cleaning I usually do, which admittedly, is not as much as should.   We are also going to try and get together with friends that week and show my son's friend around Kentucky a little bit.  I am not sure what that will entail, Mammoth Cave?  The Ohio river?    I might need to look back through my blog for field trip ideas.

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