Monday, February 24, 2014

The Friday Night report, a bit late. :-)

Okay, so last week, the kids slacked off quite a bit.  My son did so because that's what he does.  My daughter almost never procrastinates her school this much, but she says she could NOT concentrate on math.  I understand the feeling, but she needs to learn that when it is down to the wire, you need to make yourself do it.  She did buckle down sometime Friday evening, but it was not soon enough and she was not finished at midnight.  When the clock struck midnight, we had 2 teens, a 10th grader and a 12th grader who had not finished their schoolwork and so had to ground each other.  They are so much tougher on each other than we would be and my son was grounded from books (!) both reading and audio books (torture!) and my daughter was grounded from drawing and from needlework.  They've both had withdrawal all weekend.  My son consoled himself with video games and my daughter watched TV.  I think it is interesting that they did not ground themselves from screens, but their screen time is already limited so maybe they were thinking about that.  I don't know.  I was already in bed at the time of the grounding.  :-)   Finally, yesterday afternoon, my daughter had had enough and did some of her school work for this week, finishing a third of it (she has a light load this semester) and doing enough to get some of her grounding lifted.  Whew.

They are such a hoot!

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