Sunday, February 10, 2013


Last night I wanted to go to bed but the kids wanted me to read a couple of chapters in the book we're going through right now, the 3rd (I think) in The Brotherband Chronicles.  I thought, how long will these 2 kids be here and wanting me to read, so of course I did.  I read 5 chapters and was thankful for having someone to read to.  The book is cute and funny too, so that helps.  I've gotten to the point that I can read really well aloud, but those brotherband books that feature a group of young men, traveling the sea on a ship with a huge crossbow on it, really slow me down because of continued use of both pronunciations of the word bow. 

The bow of the ship and the bow as in the crossbow.  I will be going right along during a battle scene and have just this little half a second pause every time I come across that word.  It's funny.

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Amy said...

That's funny....reminds me one time when my city-girl cousin said(typed) something about a BASS. Me, being the country girl that I am...with fishing men at home...immediately read it in fish, not the musical instrument that she meant. Made me giggle.


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