Monday, February 04, 2013

Lazy weekend.

Some of us at this house had a kind of lazy Saturday and a very lazy Sunday.   I got a used Nook from Ebay with some of my Christmas money and we tried to get it working and changed over to my Barnes and Noble account and then I started reading a book on it.  It's pretty cool, really.  It does all kinds of things I didn't expect, for example, I can put audio books on it.  You know how crazy everyone in our family is about audio books.  We love them.  I put some pictures of the kids on it and some of my favorite music.  It has a couple of games that came with it, but we are going to try to add more.  It will be great to take to the pain clinic because the only books they have there are Golf Digests and so far, I've been taking a big old bag of books with me every time.   I might see if I can get an older edition Kindle for my birthday so we can take advantage of all the free Kindle books, which there seem to be more of than free Nook books. 

One bad thing about this weekend is that I've been experiencing a lot of joint pain lately.  A lot. The most I've had since I went gluten free 3 years ago.  Now I've been doing some reading and found that dairy may be causing some of it.  :-(   No, please, not dairy?!  I love cheese on pretty much everything.  The good thing is it might help me loose those pesky 10 pounds I gained from eating so much peppermint bark at Christmas, but I'm really not sure how I will cope.  :-(

Today, we're back at school and work.  My daughter hasn't gotten up yet, but my son is working on school already and I am working on work.  

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