Sunday, February 17, 2013

Starting homeschooling mid year.

On one of my home school yahoo email subscription lists, one of the moms asked a question the other day.  She said that her child was miserable and his needs were not being met in public school after many, many tries to negotiate with the principal and the teacher and she wanted to know if anyone had pulled their kids out mid year and whether they regretted it or not.  She felt that not finishing the school year would make her son feel like a quitter or become a quitter, someone who doesn't stick with anything.  The response was overwhelming from the other moms including myself.  Yes, we pulled out mid year and no, we have never, ever regretted it, not for one minute.  My oldest son was not pulled out mid year, but at the beginning of 6th grade.  My 2 younger kids were pulled out in October that same year after we realized what a relief and what a joy homeschooling was.  My kids are not quitters and neither are any of the other mom's kids.  It's just like that mythical permanent record, it's a myth or a superstition or something.  It's not wrong to quit something when you realize that it's not working for you.  So if you are thinking about this right now and you've been watching your child become more and more unhappy or seeing his spirit crushed by school, go ahead, do it.  First look up your state's homeschooling laws, then pull your child out and go ahead and let him have spring break while you decide how to proceed.  Check books out of  the library and read everything you can online.  Homeschool Your Child for Free.  This book is a very good place to start.  Find a homeschool support group in your area and ask questions and then get started. You will make mistakes but it will be okay.  You can do this.  Oh, that reminds me of another good resource.  Take A Deep Breath, You Can Do This.

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