Sunday, October 07, 2012

The homeschool practice of strewing.

I used to do this all the time.  I'd go to the library, pick up a bunch of interesting books that I wanted the kids to look at, whatever subjects we were studying at that time, and put them on the couch and not make the kids read them.  Of course, they would be drawn to the new books and would read them almost every time.  Today I wasn't even trying to do it, I went to the library and while I was there, I thought I'd pick up a chemistry book that was recommended by our curriculum. When I was in the chemistry section, I saw a book on kitchen science experiments and I thought they might be good for 4H this month, so I picked it up.  I brought the books home and put them on my bed and forgot about them.  But now, a couple of hours later, my youngest son has about 6 science experiments going on in the kitchen. He's been asking me all night for things like epsom salts, borax, balloons, tall containers with lids, etc.  I hope nothing explodes in there.  :-)

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:)De said...

I do this sometimes with articles and internet pages that I run across. I print off little reading things that may have 3-4 questions at the end. I just set them on the table and I start to notice that little people are circling answers or completing missing word sentences. Also a great way to do daily warm-up math.

Have a GREAT week!


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