Sunday, October 21, 2012

Chemistry and other stuff.

I have a hard time posting a blog title before I type anything because I never know what I'm going to type before I type it.  I've been working.  The kids have been doing school.  I think I can go out on a limb now and say that the Chemistry book we're using this time is a winner.  Here it is.  The Elements.    It's for middle school so we are going to try and finish it by Christmas and then do the other one, Carbon Chemistry in the spring.  The free one that I had downloaded earlier was written for a teacher in a classroom and since my kids are pretty much homeschooling themselves in chemistry, they wanted something addressed to the student.  This one fits the bill.  They read it and do it together.  They have an electron cloud map up on the wall and they've been enjoying it.  It also recommends that you buy this card set Elementeo and I want to, but it's kind of spendy for a card set.  Still I think my youngest son would really learn a lot from it so I may buy it as soon as I get some Swagbucks built up. 

Right now what I've been wondering/thinking about it whether or not my oldest will get to come home for Thanksgiving.  I really, really want him to, but he doesn't have a car, Greyhound is actually pretty expensive and so far, he hasn't found anyone coming north he can ride with.  I really won't like it if we have to wait until Christmas to see him, but that might be what has to happen.  :-( 

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