Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Somewhat better today.

We had 4H yesterday with our homeschool group.  The kids made these little owls.  They turned out really cute and the kids were very creative with the colors of felt and the kinds of buttons they used, so they were all original works of art.  The 2 that came to live at our house (not these, these are last years and I'm too lazy even to make my daughter take a picture of the new ones) are named Hermes and Dwight.  These ones from last year were named Errol and Hedwig. 

After 4H, we went to Burger King and had dinner and did a planning meeting for field trips, mom's nights and 4H meetings for the next 3 months, which does include Christmas, so that was fun.  Being with the group generally puts me in a better mood. 

With regards to my bad mood of my last post, I have a story.  Yesterday, I told my youngest to take a shower before 4H.  Then, I realized that I needed the nail polish from the bathroom, went in there to see if he had gotten in the shower yet and he HAD.  How weird is that?!  He had immediately gotten up and gotten in the shower!  I was a little annoyed honestly.  My daughter said that I couldn't get mad at someone for doing as I asked him to do but I said, I'm old, I'm crabby and I am experiencing PMS for the second time in 2 weeks.  I can be however mad I want at whomever I want, whenever I want. 

I really should state for the record that I behaved myself.  I pretty much always do.  I didn't fuss at him.  There was only a tiny eye roll.  That's it.  I've gotten remarkably good at holding in my frustration over the 24 years of being married and 20 years of raising kids.  :-P

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Amy said...

I LOVE those owls! Do you have a pattern or just kind of wing it? And sorry you were PMSing....but you did kind of make me giggle.


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