Friday, October 19, 2012

The crazy kids.

Are still doing school tonight.  I just looked at the clock to see what time it is and it's just 8:30 p.m., so I guess if you think of it in terms of homework, etc., it's not that bad.  They like to have their reading time and goofing off time in the mornings apparently.  Right now, they have just finished chemistry and have gone outside to play badminton by the porchlight.  Whatever works, I guess.    They are enjoying themselves.   They had a great time doing chemistry if the laughter was any indication and they have really been in a badminton mood lately, so it's good that they can choose that for exercise.  

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Amy said...

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only doing school in the evenings. My schedule seems to have flip-flopped this year big time. I used to try & be done with school by noon.....but this year we don't ever start before noon. But like you said, 'whatever works'. When I finally let myself realize that it's OK to do school later, the stress has gone & everyone seems much more at ease. That's what homeschool's all about anyway, right. Being flexible. ;-)


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