Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What day is this?

We decided to go to Family Swim time at the pool after all. Often there is a line when we go, but tonight, the entry area was deserted. I wondered aloud "It is Wednesday isn't it?" Then I said "If it's Tuesday, we're going to Baskin Robbins!"
(dollar scoop night). But, then the kids informed me that it is Wednesday (darn!) so we went into the pool. While we were walking my daughter discussed ice cream and going to the pool, 2 ways to cool off in summer. She said, "The pool is better because it cools you off all over, but ice cream tastes a lot better than pool water." Yes, I agree. Not that I tasted the pool water in the last few decades!

1 comment:

Amy said... cream sure does sound yummy right about now!


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