Monday, June 30, 2008


My son did not pass his CLEP test, so he, as yet, has no college credit, but he's only 15. We'll try again at some point. He did know the material that he studied pretty well, but it wasn't the same material that was on the test, unfortunately. Next time, I'll be more careful in what I pick out for him to study from. Mom is learning along with him in this whole process.


Freakmom said...

Bummer! But like you said, he still has time.

sunshineperri said...

Poor kid!!! At least now, he'll know what to except.
Poor MOM!! We always take the blame!!

The Cooking Lady said...

My daughter wants to dual enroll on the fall of 2009. So we will take this year and play catch up with the subjects she is behind on.

He can test again, that is the good thing.


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