Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Some nice blank days.

I really didn't plan it but we've got almost this entire week blank on our calendar. We've got a social worker visit on Friday for foster care, but other than that, not much of anything. It's nice, especially after our action packed vacation, not to mention the birthday party right before it. I haven't gotten back into my homeschool planning and looking at the Rainbow Resource catalog yet but I will. We are just planning to enjoy summer for the next few weeks. We'll enjoy it more if our A/C unit will stop freezing up and quitting on us. I guess the heat is just too much for it?

This is a picture of the birthday/pool party cupcakes. It's supposed to look like a pool. It was a team effort. My daughter and I baked the cupcakes. I did the basic frosting and put the cookies around the edge of the 'pool' and she and my son put the Teddy Grahams in the pool and put bathing suits and sunglasses/swim goggles on them.


Red said...

I love homemade cakes. We made a Sponge Bob cake a few years back and it was awesome!

Sherri said...

Those are the best kinds of cakes!!

Amy said...

What a cool cake.....I love it!


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