Thursday, June 05, 2008

Hot, tired, miserable and ticky.

That's how we feel right now after attempting a 2 mile walk in the 92 degree heat. We should've went earlier. We shouldn't have taken the dog because I ended up carrying her and we should've hauled some water and the cell phone so we could've called Grandma to rescue us when we just got too hot. Anyway, we're home now and we won't go again without all of the above precautionary measures in place. We'll go no later than 9:30 a.m. and we'll take the phone and the water and NOT the dog. Also, I won't eat taco salad for lunch right before going. Ugh. Oh yeah, and we'll spray ourselves with insect repellent.

The only good thing is that my new shoes (cheap from Walmart) are working out great and my legs and feet don't hurt at all.

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Danette said...

OK, here's the deal, because I am in Florida. I recently got a three wheeler bicycle.Lucky for me, I am now an early riser, usually between 5:30-6:00 AM. Once I get a small piece of fruit, or a bit if juice in me, I get my bike out and do a good 15 minutes of biking.

We are in Southern Florida so the humidity gets wicked quickly.

Taking the children and or dog can be a hinderance if they are not at your level. We are workign our dog up to our level as adults, and my children are older...14 and 19, so we are good to go.

If you could go by yourself early in the morning that would be great, but if not then try going later in the afternoon/evening, when the sun is setting. That is my alternative. But there is usually more traffic in the late afternoon.

I'm with you sister!


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