Monday, June 30, 2014

Working on this and that and the other thing.

Our garden is kind of growing.  Piper (the puppy) felt the need to completely chew up a flowerpot and strew it throughout the garden, that's a piece of it you see in this picture.  I didn't have my shoes on, so I did not get off the deck to pick it up.  Piper's not my dog and I don't feel the need to take any responsibility for her.  I said no more puppies and I meant it, but no one listened to me and we've lost (to chewing) the pool filter, a water hose, a bag of concrete, my daughter's bicycle seat and countless other items to this #$%^&*( puppy.  She's a nice little dog in other ways and someday, she may be all right to have around.  Maybe.  Meanwhile, I'm not mean to her, but every time she does something like this, I get a little mad at my family ...  I'm really disappointed about not being able to swim this summer but with my son's car accident, we don't have the money to replace the pool filter.  Speaking of the accident, today was the day for my son to return to Mississippi and he's on his way now.  He'll have to appear in court tomorrow and pay fines and then the next day, he'll drive back.  I feel very out of sorts and nervous about it. 

Meanwhile, I am working on re-filing my mom's VA claim, working a little at cleaning the house and catching up on laundry and also trying to enjoy my day off a little.  We had a very busy weekend, with me working extra, an overnight houseguest, the random acts of kindness day, church, going back to church last night, working on getting the house ready for photo shots so we can get a home equity line of credit to help pay for the car accident ...I tell you, all of it just wore us out, as evidenced by Freckle's facial expression last night.  She was a very tired girl.  :-)   Whew.

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