Friday, June 13, 2014

Checking off a few things.

We have a modest schedule this summer.  I'm working.  My husband is working ALL the time now.  My oldest son just got a part time job at a local grocery.  My daughter has graduated high school, my youngest son has finished 10th grade.  We have some casual plans to meet up with friends and some things that need to be done, like cleaning and decluttering.  We have plans to visit mom as often as we can.  And that's it.  I think.  Sometimes a bit of down time is what you need.  We still have my oldest son's trip to Mississippi to appear in court for his car accident looming over our heads and we are all a little worried about how we are going to pay for that, but we can't worry every minute, so we are trying not to focus on it too much and trying to enjoy the oldest being home and enjoy the summertime as much as possible without spending any money.  :-P   The youngest 2 are plotting/planning about how to spend his birthday money and whether they should work on building a tree house ..

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