Monday, June 23, 2014

Cooking. Gluten free of course.

Spaghetti ingredients, not complicated.  :-)

It says 20 servings.  I'm trying to stretch that.

Taco soup ingredients, pinto beans, kidney beans, black beans, rotel, taco seasoning and hamburger.

The kitchen picture I took before I started messing it up again. 

I always have these issues about what to do on my day off.  So many things need to be done and there is no way I can possibly do them all, so I need to prioritize.  Today, I need to take pictures of the house for the home equity thingy we are having to do and I want to do some cooking, so we can eat leftovers for the next few days. I kind of cook in bursts lately, cook several meals when I can and then we just eat the leftovers for a few days.  I am very glad that my family are not very picky and are not opposed to eating leftovers.  I can stash a couple of pots of soup in the fridge and know that they will be eaten.  With my oldest son home, that means I have 2 young men eating here for the summer and they eat quite a bit.  Whew.  The other day, for example, I browned and crumbled 3 pounds of ground beef and seasoned it for tacos and it was all gone in 1 meal except for about half a cup.  All gone!  So today, with meat prices being what they are, I am going to stretch 5 pounds of hamburger with beans and rice and vegetables, in order to fill up my big eaters less expensively.  I think I am going to make taco soup, cowboy stew, Zatarain's dirty rice, hamburger or taco pie and maybe spaghetti.  I have a doctor's appointment so I may just make the first couple of things, freeze the rest of the hamburger cooked and make the others later in the week, though I have no doubt, if I cooked all of that today, Monday, that by Wednesday night, they'd be asking me what I was going to cook again.  :-P.    And if I don't cook anything, they revert to sandwiches as their stand-by meal, which is fine for the gluten eaters whose loaves of bread cost less than a dollar, but for we gluten-free eaters, we need to keep sandwich eating to a minimum. 

I may also do a bit of cleaning today.  We'll see.  I don't feel well, but then I pretty much never, ever do anymore, so I just have to ignore that and clean anyway ...

The dirty rice is gluten free as are the baked beans we like to eat with it
For now I am off to take pictures of my kitchen, which my husband cleaned up yesterday (!) before I mess it up again.

Cowboy stew ingredients, canned potatoes, corn, tomato sauce, more potatoes, italian seasoned tomatoes, rotel jalepenos and garlic.  

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