Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The youngest.

He's turning 16 today!  I cannot believe it.  He was 6 when we started homeschooling and started this blog.  Here are a few youngest quotes to brighten your day. 

In the middle of a big play session involving light sabers, toy axes and flip flops, my daughter said to my youngest son, "You're evil." He said "I am not. I am a Shin Dan warrior." She said "Me too." and he said "We both are, but we don't know it." 

I had a coupon for onion rings this week. They are a rare treat for my husband and I. The kids don't care for them at all. My youngest son came in where I was working and asked me to go in the kitchen and make him some toaster streudel (another coupon). I said "Daddy's in there, why don't you go ask him?" He said "There are onion rings in there!" I said "There are onion rings in here too." and he said, "Yeah, well, not enough to annoy me."


My youngest and I just had a conversation. He said "what time is it?" and I said "10:14." He said "what time are we going to bed?" I said 10:30. He said "11:00." I said "10:30." He said "10:45." I said "10:30." He said "10:35." Finally, he said "10:31!" and I said "okay". So now the kids get to stay up later tonight.

The youngest got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, grouchy. My daughter said that he needed us to get out the "bouncy thing". It's this inflatable bounce house made by Six Flags that the kids get in. It's relatively small and will fit in our living room, so it's a good thing to pull out on rainy days or when someone's cranky. Apparently, it worked and put him in a better mood. I heard him a few minutes later quoting Hank the Cowdog. He said dramatically "I'm rising from the ashes like the mythical Tucson." LOL. 

My youngest 2 kids were doing that trust exercise, where one person basically falls backward, trusting the other person to catch them. I heard my daughter say "You don't trust me!" and youngest son said "It's not you, it's gravity I don't trust." 


Youngest son has also invented what may be the newest breakfast sensation since Seinfeld's "muffin tops". His invention is called "Muffin Plottoms" and they have coffee, with sugar and creamer already in it, inside the muffin. He hasn't figured out all the details on how to do this yet, but if anybody can, it would be him.

I just have to share a cute thing my youngest said last night.  He's really been into magic tricks lately and has bought some marked cards at dollar tree.  He'll tell you to pick a card, then stare at the back of it for 5 minutes, squinting, and then tell you what your card is.  It's cute.  Last night, he was practicing a new trick, over and over again.  Finally he said "I can't do it.  I keep trying this trick on myself but I can't get it right.  I'm not trying to amaze or astonish myself, but just to get it to work.  I don't know what I'm doing wrong." 

On the way to the fair yesterday, while I was pumping gas, I had the kids run into the gas station/convenience store to get some snacks.  They came out with some Hostess cupcakes on sale for 1 dollar a pack (2 cupcakes in a pack.)  Way cheaper than fair food where a hamburger alone will run you 6 dollars (no fries, no drink!), but way more than those same cupcakes would have been at the grocery store.  Our grocery store had them on sale this week for 8 cupcakes for 2.50.  I told the kids this and grouched a little about convenience store prices.  My youngest said "Convenience stores have inconvenient prices."  I couldn't agree more.

Yesterday when I tried to wake the youngest up, he said "Technically, since I'm in the top bunk, I am "up".  I'm up and horizontal.   What you want is for me to be down and vertical."  Who else can say things like that the very second they wake up?  Not me, that's for sure!


I was pondering whether to clean the bathrooms tonight or wait until tomorrow.  While I was thinking about this, I was doing a bit of laundry and going back and forth through the house.  My youngest son had started making himself some pancakes during the beginning of my wanderings.  When I came back into the kitchen, my daughter was standing over the pancake pan, spatula in hand and she asked me what she should do for her cleaning today, the part that counts as school.  I said, "Hey, why don't you get the bathrooms?"  She said that she doesn't do bathrooms, which is true, (but its also true that I use my bathroom cleaning as leverage sometimes, so it's all good).  My youngest son remarked that when he gets his own house, he will not clean his bathrooms, he'll just invite his sister over and then start cleaning them but doing it obviously wrong and she will fall for this and clean the bathrooms for him.  She said  "That won't work.".  He grinned at me, while leaning lazily against the kitchen counter and said "And yet, I'm not making my own pancakes right now. ;-)


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