Sunday, September 02, 2012

Feels kind of like fall.

Both younger kids have a cold this week.  It is overcast and rainy and that makes it seem like fall.  The golden rods and asters are blooming.  The only thing is it is still really hot outside.  Maybe these hurricane leftover rains will cool it down around here.  I am kind of ready for cooler weather.   This summer I was all excited for the weather to get warm so I could get in the pool but it hasn't worked out as I planned.  I am lucky if I get in the pool once a week.  I feel guilty when I do get in there for some reason and guilty if I don't because that's where I get most of my exercise.  It's so fun being me sometimes. 

I do hope these kids get over these colds soon and my husband and I don't catch it.  :-P

1 comment:

Amy said...

laughing at you about the pool thing. Because that's how I always feel....too funny!


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