Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Really good day.

This has nothing to do with my post today, but isn't it a pretty shell?  We saw this in Mississippi and would have brought it home, had it not been occupied by a hermit crab.  :-)
Like I said, I think we're doing okay.  Yesterday, we had 4H with the homeschool group.  We've decided this year, that our club is going to morph from an art/cooking class to a speech and demonstration class, so that means the kids are going to do some or all of the teaching.  All of the kids in our group except one are now teens and she's almost 12, so I think they can handle it.  Yesterday, my daughter taught everyone how to crochet and got them started on making mats for the homeless.  Meanwhile, her mat after winning a blue ribbon at the Kentucky State Fair (we missed seeing it when we went up there and thought she had won a red ribbon, so we were excited to see it yesterday) is going to a reservation to serve the homeless population there.  Next month, I'm trying to talk my youngest into teaching/demonstrating something.  I'm leaning towards making him make cinnamon pancakes, because we love them and they're so easy, but we'll see.  We have a bunch of shy kids in that group, which is why we are trying this and I don't know how it will go.  Then, after our successful 4H class, we went to Wendy's to eat.  Then we came home and worked on school and work, then made pumpkin cinnamon pancakes (we may need an intervention!) then went to play Scrabble with my mom, then talked to the oldest on the phone for quite a while (he's doing fine!), then did some watching TV and art journaling.  (My fellow blogger Amy, has inspired me).  It was a very nice, very satisfying day, with good interactions with family and friends, good food and creativity.  It just was a great day. 

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Amy said...

Oh wow....I'm honored that I 'inspired' you. Be sure & share you art work with me. I LOVE to be inspired by others too!! I NEED to do some catching up on my blog....


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