Thursday, September 20, 2012

Not too much going on today.

And really, that's how I like it sometimes.  Too much nothing going on and I'll get irritable and need to do something, but for little stretches here and there, I enjoy it.  The fall weather is wonderful.  I'm really enjoying it.  We're still getting tomatoes from our garden and I spent some Swagbucks today to get some flowering perennials to make the yard look better.  It's nice just to get 10 dollars in gift cards for just doing what I normally do anyway, search on the internet.  Today, we cleaned a little, played rock band a little, did school, watched a little TV, went shopping at Goodwill and Kroger, sent a package to the oldest son (He finally has at least a workable address, though not a PO box yet.) and went to see my mom.  There were a couple of things on my list I didn't get done, but I really don't care.  The housework will still be here tomorrow.  That is one thing I know for sure.

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