Monday, September 03, 2012

Labor day.

My husband and I are celebrating labor day pretty much the way we always do, by working.  Today is also our 24th wedding anniversary, but we probably won't go out and celebrate tonight because after working 10 hours and driving 2, he doesn't usually feel much like having a party.  The kids who live here are taking the day off.  They are still sick with this cold/flu/virus, whatever they have.  The girl seems to be getting better, but the youngest is feeling pretty bad still.  So that, combined with the fact that its a holiday, inspired me to give them the day off.  The college boy is studying for a test and preparing to audition for a band tomorrow.  I talked to him this morning via Facebook.  I want to get web cams for us and him so that we can have live chats because his younger siblings don't like talking on the phone (I have no idea where they get that) and they aren't really into messaging on Facebook either, although the girl does do it some.  We're relics of the past century I guess, because none of us having texting on our cell phones.  When the girl gets her driver's license and is out and about alone, texting will be a necessity because she won't talk on the phone at all.  Until then, to cope with the boy being in Mississippi, 9 hours away, I think video chatting would be a nice option to have. 


Amy said...

I tell ya, I swear we are sisters separated at birth. LOL. My family laughs at me because I HATE talking on the phone SO bad. Now, I'm thankful that Clay will call just to chat during the workday, but I still HATE being on the phone. And I don't text either. LOL

Donna said...

Happy 24th Anniversary!! Wow, one more year and you will be hitting the big 25 year mark. We have those webcam things it's really amazing being able to see and talk to the person. Sorry to hear the kids aren't feeling well : ( You changed your blog look, I like it.


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