Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Zoey on the windowsill.

The kids doing a little hammock schooling. 

One of my art journal entries.

art journal

art journal

art journal

art journal

more art journal

and more

and more

and more

and more

Crochet mat that my youngest son has started.

Fingerless gloves crocheted by the girl.  She's started making crafts to sell at the craft fair in December.

Circle scarf made by the girl for the craft fair.

Another smaller circle scarf.

Chain circle scarf.  She's been really busy lately.


Amy said...

Wow, wow, wow.....loving all the creativity in this post! Your art journal is amazing.....very inspiring! My favorites are the 'Praise be to God' & the tree right under that. Tell 'the girl' I love all her crocheting....especially the circle scarves. I have some yarn that I need to pull out....I bought to make a cowl scarf for myself.

Fatcat said...

Thanks Amy, I've mostly gotten ideas from you, pinterest and other bloggers, I haven't really designed very many pages on my own, but I find it very relaxing and fun.

I'd told her about the crocheting. :-)


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