Sunday, September 30, 2012

Good and busy.

We had a nice day yesterday.  We went to the state park for free, which was fun.  Then we went to a fish fry at our church.  In between I worked at my job and I didn't get finished until after 9 last night but we had a good time.  Today I have so much I need to do.  So, so much.  I need to go to the grocery, I need to clean my house.  I want to go and visit with my mom today.  I need to get my hair cut.  I seriously need to return books to the library.  Everything is overdue and the fines are going up as we speak.   My youngest has lost 2 books, which he says is not his fault, but I just paid to replace a book a couple of months ago and I'm sick of it and am considering taking the drastic step of grounding him from the library for a couple of weeks.  I kind of think he might drive us all insane if I do that - the boy is like that robot from Short Circuit back in the 80s, remember that?  Need input!  Need input!  So I hesitate to ground him from his books for the rest of our sanity's sake, but he needs to learn to keep up with the books better! 

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