Friday, September 07, 2012

Friday stuff.

Today, I've been doing some counseling with my oldest who is in college in Mississippi.  This is is first college experience and I think it's been kind of overwhelming.  I mentioned in another post that he was working very hard, trying to keep up.  He had one class in which the professor was assigning a couple of essays/papers every day, trying to make up lost time from the hurricane missed classes and my son just couldn't keep up with the pace.  He's also had a bunch of tests and a ton of assigned reading.  Since he also needs to do work study, I told him to go ahead and drop the one class that is distressing him so much.  The others are okay.  He can make it up later, once he gets his pace, rhythm, groove, whatever you want to call it.  I do believe he will be able to cope with it, but there's just so much for him to get used to right now.  The advisor we first talked to originally said for him to take 3 classes since they do a trimester system and their classes are more intense.  I ignored that advice and signed him up for 4 and that was a mistake.  So now maybe, he can get started on his workstudy, stop growing an ulcer and get really good grades in the classes that he is taking. 

As for us at home, we are having fun playing rock band, doing school and working.  Okay, some of that is not fun, but you know what I mean.  Switch it around.  We're doing school, working and having fun playing rock band.  That's better.  Right now we are downloading some more songs, but I sung one last night, called Psycho Killer, that had my fellow band members laughing so hard, they couldn't even finish the song.  You should have heard it.  Or maybe not if you have sensitive ears.  :-P


Amy said...

Will be praying for him! Trust me....I KNOW what you are going through! It took Ashley a while to find her groove too. She even said this year she feels more in 'control' if you will, of everything. We went through that same thing with her English class last year....It was TERRIBLE. She was calling everyday & didn't want to drop it, but she eventually did have to drop it. Took the same class again the second semester & passed it, no problem. He'll find his groove. I just think it's ALOT more for our kids to adjust to, since they've been homeschooled.

Fatcat said...

I think so too, Amy. He feels way better now that he's dropped it and ready to go on with his life now. :-)


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