Thursday, February 16, 2012

Yesterday, just kind of

whooshed by me.  It went quickly.  I got up and while I was making my coffee, a friend called and she needed to talk, so instead of working, I talked for an hour to her.  Some things are just more important.  One thing led to another and I didn't get started with work until 10:30.  So, 6 hours later, I finished work, at 4:30 and then we had 45 minutes before I needed to leave to take the kids to youth group.   So I dropped youngest off at grandmas, took the older two to youth group, went to the library to return 2 overdue books and look on the shelves for one we thought we had already returned.  No such luck.  Then, I went to mom's and played a game of UPWords with her while waiting for the older 2.  Then youngest and I headed back into town, picked up the older 2 kids, came home, dropped the boys off at home and then daughter and I headed to choir practice.  It is from 8-9 pm.  All this and we would have also had 4H needleworking class at 4 if we'd remembered it.  I don't know if we could have made it ...   Anyway back to the choir practice - we've joined the a choir temporarily to do an Easter concert.  This is good for my daughter because she's learning to read music in her guitar lessons and now she's trying to learn to follow along with singing.  I'm going to sit down with her and give her a small crash course in 'where do I go from here" in complicated choral music, because she's never dealt with anything like that before.  It's hard for me too because I haven't sung in a choir in many years but it is slowly coming back.  I've also been trying to sing soprano because my daughter is a soprano and she wants to sit by me and sing what I'm singing.  My voice is not that high and its kind of a strain, so if you were outside last night and heard some awful squeaking noises, I'm sorry!  :-P


Gidget said...

Oh, that sounds like so much fun - to be able to sing with your daughter!

Maybe instead of having to sing soprano, you could work on some harmony - that's what I've had to do w/my daughter when we sing in the car... :)

Praying you are blessed by the Easter Concert!

Fatcat said...

I'm not so talented as to be able to sing harmony in the car. If I am to sing harmony, I need to sit in the choir right beside a really good alto. Otherwise I have trouble finding the note. :-/


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