Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday, what a day.

This is what my youngest son thinks.  No school!  TV cartoons.  We basically only get 2 channels but one of them does show Yugioh and Sonic and things like that.  He enjoys watching them on Saturdays.  He and the girl are also building forts in the living room with the sofa cushions and some exercise mats.  I kind of thought my days of having kids building forts in the living room were over, but if they aren't, I'm okay with it.  I, of course, have to work.  I did not take the medications last night that knocked me on my hiney yesterday and consequently I feel much better, physically today, though I am pretty darn crabby..  I'm feeling kind of sad about a chain of events that happened around here this week, which has left me meditating about changes I might want to make.  Call it a mid life crisis if you like.  It probably is.  

Now the kids are playing hop scotch (which I had to look the rules up for) in the living room.

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