Monday, February 13, 2012

So much fun.

One of my homeschool mom friends and I decided to go to the salvage grocery store today and oh, boy did we have a good time.  I bought 10 boxes of cereal at about 1.60 each, which are usually 3.65 to 4.85 each.  So that's a savings of, let's see, even counting them all as the cheapest 3.65 that's more than 2 dollars per box for a savings of 20 bucks.  Then, I got 6 of the kind of gluten free cake mix that they sell in my grocery store for 5.99 for 75 cents each.  That's  another 31 bucks I saved right there.  Of course, I didn't NEED cake mixes, but we are having a valentine party next week and I can bring cupcakes my son and I can eat.  :-)  Plus, every time there is a special occasion this year, pretty much.  (We need to eat them all before the expiration date in September 2012, but we'll manage.)  That's just 2 categories of stuff that I got.  I got a bunch of canned goods, gluten free cookies and crackers, candy, frosting (for the cupcakes ;-) and more.   Then, my friend took us out to eat, with coupons (She's exceptionally smart at couponing) and we all 5 ate at Chik-Fil-la for 2.54 cents.  And we're still full 2 hours later.  FULL.

The most fun part was being around another mom and talking, laughing, talking and laughing while we saved the money. :-) 

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Donna said...

Sounds like you had a great day! I wish we had a store like that around here... What savings! Have a Happy Valentine's Day!!


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