Friday, February 17, 2012

And Today

also seems to be kind of whooshing by.  My daughter has guitar lessons today at 4:00 and then has to be at an overnight youth thing tonight at 6:30.   It's always weird when one of the kids is gone.  I guess I should get used to it because they are growing up and will be moving out on their own.  :-(  I have always teased them that they can live next door.  We have 12 acres and when we're out walking I'll say, hey don't you think this would be a good place to build your house when you grow up?  :-)   Hey, a mom can hope.  My husband and I both live with 3 miles of our parents. 

Anyway, the girl has been working on school trying to get it done before she leaves, but youngest son is goofing off and listening to an audio book so he'll be doing the Friday night rush alone this week.

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