Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

We have our homeschool Valentine's party next week, because we like to buy our candy and treats after the prices have been reduced.  :-)  We also had our Halloween party a week after Halloween.  It was a scheduling difficulty at first, and then we realized the advantages.  Today, there's quite a bit of celebrating going on in our house and I'm pretty sure that we're all getting fatter by the minute.  Next week, we'd really better start on those New Year's Resolutions.  My husband went to the grocery on the way home from work and got everyone their favorite stuff, fruit pot pies, chocolate covered strawberries, Dove chocolate and Cheetos.  Better than flowers, if you ask me.  :-)

So many adorable valentines printables all over the web, so if you haven't gotten anything for your honeys, here are some from Pinterest. 


April said...

Our homeschool party will be next week as well, as our coop was snowed out yesterday. We will be stocking up on 1/2 off candy as well!

:)De said...

I like your food choices.

Fatcat said...

Yes, we are really into health foods around here!


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