Thursday, February 23, 2012

So far today

I have not really accomplished anything.  I did help my son a little with his resume.  I did load the dishwasher.  My son and I looked at colleges online and tried to make some decisions for him, but really haven't come up with anything yet.  That's pretty much the sum total of my accomplishments so far today.  In a little while, I'm going to the doctor and then my daughter and I are going to go to Hobby Lobby since my doctor's office is right across the street and then we are going to visit a friend's daughter who is in the hospital.  After that, if we are not too tired, we need to clean up this house.  I intended to get up today and clean the house before the doctor's appointment, but sometimes I just don't do what I plan to do.  :-P  I really don't like cleaning so I will use any excuse.

Motivation.  I need it.

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