Monday, April 06, 2009

What we're _____ today.

What we're doing today:
The plan is to do school today.  I've finished my list, going outside to walk for half an hour even though it's rainy and cold, proving it can be done. (to my kids, who think they can't go outside in the rain!) My MP3 player was charged up today thankfully and I got to listen to some of my "Skinny Songs".  Hopefully, they will do magic.  :-)  I don't, at this moment, have any doctor's appointments today although one could come up at any time.  My leg problem seems to be better so I'm not going to go in and have that seen about unless it gets worse again. 

What we're reading today:
I'm reading Have a New Kid By Friday by Dr.Kevin Leman.  It basically says that I should have a backbone and parent my kids, which most of the time I do, but sometimes I do tend to be a bit too permissive and let them get away with too much.  I'm on hold for the rest of the Twilight series and the rest of the Pendragon series because they are not available at the library right now.  I'll read them when I can.  My oldest son is still re-reading the Animorphs series.  My daughter is re-reading the Warriors series and my youngest is still reading the Deltora Quest series.  We are keeping the library quiite busy.  At night we are listening to Peter and the Starcatchers although last night there was a malfunction on the download and we ended up doing Mad Libs as a substitute, which turned out to be hilarious but that might have been because we were so tired.  We might read them again in the light of day and not find them so funny, who knows.  We used this site because we couldn't find our book - Crazy Libs.

What we're thinking about today.
I can't really speak for anyone else, so I'll have to type what I'm thinking about.  I am ready for spring to actually get here and it not be so cold.  I want to put a garden out, but I want a raised bed and the one that I had last year rotted and got overgrown with morning glories which were beautiful, but choked out my tomatos, so I ripped the whole thing out and now I'm wondering whether to put it back in the same spot or not.  I'm thinking that I'm really out of shape and I really need to exercise a ton because we are going to Kentucky Down Under later this month and it is on a hill and we will have to walk up and down it about 50 times and I don't want to have a heart attack there.  (Or anywhere, for that matter. )  I'm also thinking about school and how to finish up the year this year, how to get all the curriculum done, whether I should give the kids more responsibilities (probably) and whether we will take a summer break this year, just go to a chores list or just keep doing school all summer ...  I bet you didn't think my brain could have all those thoughts, did ya?  The fact is, my brain is constantly going in about 20 different directions and that's why I tend to seem spacy at times.  Really.  That's totally what it is. 

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