Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Busy day.

Today, we had our 4H art class.  They are working in clay again this week, but a slightly different kind of clay.  They seemed to enjoy the class.  Hopefully, they learned some things.  I kind of sat in the back and thought my own thoughts today, talked with some of the other moms some and didn't really pay attention.  (Sorry!  I know that's not a good example!)   After class, we went to lunch with the homeschool group.  Then we came home and I worked at my job for 4 hours, took a very quick little nap and then went to a meeting of the homeschool group in a different town.  Since there aren't any teens in our group, I'm trying to get my teen involved in this group so he'll have more kids his own age to hang out with.  That meeting lasted 2 hours with an hour drive there and back and after I got home, I did a little bit more work at my job and now I'm off to bed. 

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