Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gotta get in gear.

I have got to get in gear for the rest of the year, getting this curriculum finished. I want to be able to do new things next year, not have the same ones waiting on us to finish them. What fun would that be? A lot of people in the homeschool e-loops I'm part of are starting to sell things that they are done with this year and some of them are offering some really good bargains. Yesterday, I picked up a general science textbook that I hear is excellent for $15.00. New it's around $50.00

So anyway, we need to get re-organized and re-energized and get going on it, for a nice finish. Then I'm going to plan to do some type of unit for the summer, maybe that Asia one. It won't hurt them to get some summer education in!

For the birthday poll, I'm going with my voter's choice and getting some small things I've been wanting, books, gardening things and things for the house, kind of the thing I want most from each of the other choices in the poll. We may also plan a day at Rough River instead of a night, to save the expense, so it would be a mini-mini-mini-vacation. :-) All that would cost would be gas money and while we were down there, we should really eat at the lodge restaurant ...

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cahomebizmom said...

I am with you, just rake it day by day " Today I will be better than I was yesterday!" I live by that and no matter how yesterday whent today is a new day!


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