Thursday, April 23, 2009


My mom-in-law is still in the hospital.  We're all praying she gets better soon.  My husband has been spending a lot of time up there.  I've been wavering in what to do.  I'm not sure if I go up there it will help any, but I want to go.  I was going to take off work and drive up there last night, but at the last minute, my husband had to take my van, so I didn't have transport.  Today I do, so maybe I can get up to see her today. 

I'm also supposed to go to "mom's night out" with the homeschool group.  I don't know if I will or not, but I have a lot of trouble getting out of these things ... they'll offer to share babysitters, come and get me, whatever it takes to get me there.  I'm not sure if they like me that much or just want 100% participation, but whatever, sometimes it's just easier to go along with the crowd and go.  Several times when I've said I'm not going to something, they've postponed it or cancelled it entirely.  It makes me feel guilty.  Anyway, I love the group, all of them and so most of the time I go to whatever they plan.

I thought I'd share a little funny from my youngest.  He's picked up a phrase, I think he got it from my husband.  It's "fairly certain".  So yesterday, he's reading the Magic Schoolbus book on the solar system and he says "I'm fairly certain that Arnold's cousin is lying about her school."  It just sounds so funny coming out of a 10-year-old, I don't know why.  :-)

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Freakmom said...

My real life group will go to extraordinary lengths sometimes to get us to events too. I feel bad when we can't make it and they want to go through all these hoops to reschedule. Usually when we say we (or I) can't make it is not because there is one overlap in the schedule but because we are just overwhelmed with stuff at the moment.

But it is nice to be loved!


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