Thursday, April 16, 2009

Maxing out our library cards.

I've been strewing art and space books around the house for the kids to read, really just bringing them home from the library and putting them on the couch.  They've been doing a lot of looking at the art books especially and doing some of the drawing exercises in them.  We probably have at least 50 library books in the house at the current time. Each of our 5 cards can have 25 books on them.  My card, as the one everyone uses when they can't find their own, is on my keychain for easy access and I currently have 26 books checked out.  I'm not sure how that happened, that I'm one book over, but oh well.  We'll probably be back in there in the next couple of days for more books.  Right now, I'm reading "Fat Families, Thin Families" and I have a book on traveling in the southeast and one on using the internet to promote a business for free.  I've also got the second Pendragon book to read and the third of the "Things Not Seen" trilogy to read. 


Freakmom said...

Thank goodness we don't have a limit on books (there are limits for other materials). I currently have 32 books checked out. We do have a limit on how many holds we can have at once. I have 13 on hold now (nine are waiting for me to pick them up tomorrow). Our limit is 25.

I'm trying to get them to put a return box in my front yard.

Fatcat said...

That box the front yard sounds like a very good idea, although where we live, back here in the boonies, it might be kinda weird. :-)


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