Monday, December 30, 2013

The Saga of the Doritos and a couple of other things.

Four years ago I went gluten free and at that time, Nacho Cheese Doritos were one of the many foods I gave up.  I liked them, but really didn't eat them all that often anyway.  So for 4 years, I have considered all Doritos products to be off limits.  When my son drove home from Mississippi last week, the only food he ate on the whole trip was a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos.  I thought he had eaten gluten and he disagreed, saying that he had read the label and they seemed to be gluten free.  I read the label and then Googled it and found out that they changed the formula a couple of years ago to eliminate wheat.  Oh Joy.  We got a bag the next day and ate Doritos.  Then later that day my stomach hurt, but I discounted it because I had taken an ibuprofen and sometimes that makes my stomach hurt.  Then we got some more Doritos because we were in the midst of our glorious reunion with them.  Then another stomach ache.  Hmmm.  This time I had not taken  any ibuprofen.  Of course being a homeschool mom I felt it was my responsibility to try the experiment one more time.  More stomach pain.  So my glorius reunion with Doritos is over now.  It was fun while it lasted.  :-P

Speaking of gluten, my oldest son got glutened yesterday at one of the family parties by, of all things, scalloped potatoes.  Normally, he would stay away from them because of the cheese, but he's been tolerating dairy products pretty well lately so he tried them, only to find out that they contained gluten.  He went home from the party and got a Gluten Digest pill, but it didn't work and he was in a fog all evening.   He's like me in that his gluten symptoms do not include any abdominal pain, but a headache, body aches and brain fog.

Speaking of parties, I got through them and had a good time as I always do.  After we went to church, then to a party, then to another party and got home at around 7:00 pm, my oldest son mentioned that he is bored at home and would like to "do something" because he is used to "doing stuff" all the time at school.  We've been to 5 parties this week, but apparently that is not enough.  I'm going to contact the homeschool group and see if they want to get together for New Years.   :-P

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