Monday, December 08, 2014

Well, we started Christmas shopping.

We went to the mall and found some things for my daughter.  She's at that age where she needs to pick things out.  She's been at that age since she was 2, but I digress.  :-)  Anyway, we found some very nice boots, some jeans and a sweater that no matter how much she begs, she is not going to get before Christmas.  For the youngest, we looked for a new jacket since his old one has gotten too short for him, but no luck.  Everyone in my family has long arms except me.  They now make fun of me and say that I'm like T-Rex.  :-)

Anyway, we did begin.  Still no progress on the boys but I do have an idea for the oldest now, so that's something.  Since I am off work today I might go online and do some ordering!  I'll feel better when it is done.

As for the picture above, this is what the sky looked like over the mall yesterday when we were shopping.  I thought the mothership was coming back for me!

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