Friday, December 26, 2014

A few pictures from Christmas.

The nativity set miraculously righted itself in the middle of the night Christmas eve.  The wise men found their way from the kitchen and Joseph and the mule were rescued from behind the entertainment centere.

Freckles got a big bone for Christmas.

At one point my tablet became a toddler-cam and my 2 year old niece snapped a picture of my son's foot and my daughter's new boots.  :-)

I don't really share pictures of  the kids on my blog and I don't want to share pics of family members without their permission, so this is all I have.  It was a good Christmas, for the new normal, with mom living in a facility.  We went to see her and had a small quiet party there.  The kids got gift cards from my brother so today we went and spent some of them which was fun.  :-)  I had to work the whole week, up to and including Christmas day, today and tomorrow.  We've got one more family party to go to and then it will be over.  :-(  It goes so quickly, once it finally starts!  

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