Saturday, December 06, 2014

Christmas is barreling down towards us.

A borax crystal snowflake from very early in our home schooling journey.
 you all ready?  I'm sure not.  I do, however, have a couple of ideas since I've been thinking about what to get the kids this year.  The youngest, whose attitude towards Christmas is embodied in this song by Matthew West, Come on Christmas! has of course already typed up a list.  The other 2, not so much.  My daughter just says that she does not know and my oldest son, in Mississippi, communicates by sending smiles through Facebook when I ask him about it, but has not given me one suggestion.  I did think of a couple of things throughout the day and I will run them  by my husband later on, when I talk him into doing all the shopping   we start discussing Christmas shopping (which we really should do soon!!)

Today I had the second ladies luncheon of the season, with some of my friends from church.  We had a nice, low key, kind of time.  It makes it feel like it really is coming when you start to do these annual traditions and it makes it hard for even me to ignore.   I'd better get ready, cause it's coming!

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