Friday, December 19, 2014

Okay, now maybe.

I think the Christmas shopping is done.  There is still a small chance that I have forgotten something or someone and there is one thing that I need to take back.  Otherwise, it's done.  I found out yesterday from my oldest son that he's going to come home tomorrow!  I'm very excited.  I got it in my head somehow that he wasn't going to be out of class until the 22nd, but he's already out and is coming home.  Also, we may be able to have our family Christmas party at mom's assisted living facility, which I think would be good.  Because she lives an hour away, it's very difficult to do these kinds of celebrations.  If one person does the transporting, back and forth, that person ends up spending 4 hours in the car, so not fun.  Anyway, we may be able to go there, bring our soup and snacks and have a little party in the activities room.  It's difficult going through the change of mom not living in her house, but we are trying to make the best of it.  I think maybe this year is a little easier than last year, though I have been pretty emotional.

I'm sorry this blog is almost never about homeschooling anymore.  We are still homeschooling.  My son is doing his work, although last night, we bribed him to make chocolate chip cookies by giving him writing off, which means he didn't have to do writing last night.  He was motivated, we were happy and we got chocolate chip cookies warm from the oven.  Of course at some point, he will have to do that writing, but I guess he is willing to deal with it later.  :-)  

Anyway, shopping is done.  This is the last day of homeschool for the 16-year-old and I think maybe I can settle down and relax and enjoy the season a little bit.  

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